Young Blee - Who's Dat Boy MP3 [Cross Seas Entertainment]

Dancehall-inspired rapper and producer Young Blee released the first taster, and title track, from his new album as a digital download on 13 August. ‘Who’s Dat Boy?’ will be available from all major digital distributors and can also be picked up on pre-release at

The single sees the Caribbean-born London resident displaying a new level of self-confidence, as he predicts what anyone hearing the track or catching the video is sure to be wondering.

The boxing-themed promo video shows Young Blee preparing for the battle ahead and then taking the fight to the opposition in the ring. Directed by Shane Davey (also behind videos for Skinnyman, Dap-C, S-Kalibre, The Rocks, Some Velvet Morning and Dogs), the piece underlines Young Blee’s focus and determination. Here is an artist comfortable with his own identity and style, sure of where he’s going and how he’s going to get there.

Young Blee - Who's Dat Boy MP3 [Cross Seas Entertainment]

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