Zero dB - Heavyweight Vinyl 12" [Ninja Tune]

Zero dB of the Drum & Bass genre first came out in 1999 when they dropped Come Party on the Fluid Ounce label. Later in 2007 they masterminded the remix album, Heavyweight Gringos. Zero dB have had many of their tracks remixed and have been remixing others tracks and this latest project sees remixes of tracks from the likes of: DJ Kentaro, Peter Kruder, Nwachukwu and Dave Da Gato.

Leading out the single is Zero dB’s own spectacular remix of Keep On – a DJ Kentaro tune featuring the Pharcyde. Opening with some cuts a big beat kicks in that would be ideal for uprockers. The buzzing bass crashes through your entire body and more than enough bass to rip apart any speaker cone. This is reminiscent of the Jason Nevins' Run DMC remix and as such I can’t identify the genre it belongs to. As with many tracks of this type the lyrics seem a touch low and perhaps don’t fit as well as they do to the original track.

Next up the Austrian Peter Kruder of Kruder & Dorfmeister added his version to Te Queiro to form a transient bed of synths and a throbbing bass which washes over you, suitable for any chill out zone. The track meanders but never exerts its self too much.

Nwachukwu adds a bit of a straight up House feel to Sunshine Lazy which features Nouvelle Vague's singer Phoebe 'Killdeer' Tolmer. This has a touch of ’92 about it, but all told it is rather mild and is on a general level with no real peak to the track.

Finally Dave Da Gato marked his territory on A Pomba Girou to produce a rather random dance track. Sqashing sounds a descending bass ‘oohms’ pile into a manic mix which rather makes for a jumbled wall of sound.

I’ve never been a real fan of these cross-genre offerings, because for me there is frequently one mix or another that I’m not feeling. On this release all the mixes don’t seem to hit 100% and seem a bit mundane.

Released on the 5th May on Ninja Tune.

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