Baptman - Groo / Luv2 Luv U 7" [Melting Pot Records]

Melting Pot Records is an exciting development from ex-Groove Attack / Superrappin’ A and R Oliver Von Felbert. Anyone with a passing interest in 90’s independent Hip Hop will recognise this as a seal of quality. Clearly a man who knows his tomatoes it comes as no surprise this new endeavour has been behind obscure sure shots from DJ Day, Marc Hype, Circle Research, Hawkeye and Imperial Breed with many more on the horizon.

Newest recruit to the roster is intriguingly named French producer Baptman with this nifty instrumental 7 inch. ‘Luv 2 Luv U’ is well produced but its Dilla-esque claps and mellow keys passed me by in a haze of indifference. The flipside is the main attraction here. While a lot of producers are running with the glitch style made popular by Dabrye, Flying Lotus etc., few manage to retain groove and soul amid all the technically choppery.

Herein lies the appeal of ‘Groo’  which successfully finesses an electronic style many get wrong. Staccato bass stabs squelch and squirm around whirling synths and head nod drums as Lyn Collin’s iconic shriek intermittently punctuates the mix. When it comes to Hip Hop, Diamond D recommended keeping it simple and I usually agree but this is a great example of getting technical but keeping it funky. Seek out this gem.

By: Max Weldon


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