Bard Picasso X Northentic Records - The Gallows (Cypher)

The Gallows, a place associated with execution, which is very apt for the latest single from the Northentic Records and Bard Picasso camps as the two sister labels perfectly execute one hell of a cypher!

Straight off the bat, UK heavyweight Amos brings “in your face” style punches and flows to kick the cypher off with a bang. All throughout the track, you cant help but think, UK Hip Hop is definitely alive and well! North West England tag teaming with some of the dopest Wales has to offer, making this a must listen to cypher link up!

With backing from UKHH legend Blade who’s had both camps on his 05:21 channel for interviews and cyphers, just go and check it out. Just do it. Don’t wait. Go. Now! And you will see why. Chefs kiss “magnifique”.

Words: Bill Shakesbeard

In order of appearance: Amos (Northentic), DW Smith (Bard Picasso), Karlow (Northentic), Formal Brown (Bard Picasso), Seek The Northerner (Northentic), Jay Rede (Bard Picasso), Bruva Smokes (Northentic), O Davies (Bard Picasso), Lomax (Northentic).

Bard Picasso

Northentic Records

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