Carpetface - Spread It Around / Realeyesation 7
This CD nearly didn’t get a review from me. When it came it had some sort of dust imprinted into the CD which meant it didn’t play. But, we liked Carpetface’s earlier releases so after giving it a warm soapy bath and a good old rubbing it started to play.

The first track of what is a double sided 7” release is Spread It Around. It is an original sounding track with a touch of an accapella / spoken word feel. The music is minimal and is at its most intense during the choruses and consists of some slow drums and strings. On the vocal tip Carpet face drops a few shortish raps and intersperses them with some folk type singing. Not a party floor filler, but definitely something different and something to chill out to at home

Carpetface - Spread It Around / Realeyesation 7
01. Spread It Around
02. Realeyesation
03. Talkin Bout Ya Mum
04. Drummer Joke
05. Dancing Alone Dub

Realeyesation follows with a touch of a reggae / ska feel. Sounding well acoustic Carpetface sings his way through this one with the off beat guitar underpinning his words all along. The main theme of the track is about the police coming and breaking up peaceful parties / jams.

The CD also includes three bonus tracks, which I am not sure will be on the 7” or not. I suspect not. The first of these is Talkin Bout Ya Mum which is a touch darker version of the Pharcyde’s Yo Mamma track. Moody pianos and occasional ‘Ya Mam’ shouts as well as a copious amount of scratches from DJ Samo are the musical backing over which Carpetface takes a few moments to talk dirty about all your mothers. Allow him though, these things needed to be said about your mum!

Drummer Joke features a whole load of mad electronic sounds, some sounding like distortion and feedback, which are cleverly ‘played’ to make up this instrumental track. A nice idea, but if you aren’t in the mood this would no doubt grate on ones nerves.

Finally the CD rounds off with Dancing Alone (Dub) the opening bars of which utilise some long echoes giving this a Dub Reggae feel. Minimal vocals are placed into the echo machine as well and are used more like an instrument, than to get any information of message over.

This is not your usual fare and I guess it’ll be too leftfield for some, but if you just like music and will give anything a go, you could just find that you like this. All of the tracks appear on Carpetface’s LP Have Mic, Will Travel, so if you want a taster, pick up this, or if you already know about Carpetface, then you can pick up the LP.

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