Divine Count Stone - Move Up mp3 [Bullit]

Divine Count Stone is yet another new moniker for Bionic. Bionic is a legend having come to prominence in 1987 as a member of the London Posse, one of the earliest groups in the UK Hip Hop scene. After an extended hiatus, the original ambassador of UK Hip Hop has returned with a brand new look and a fresh new sound.

Set for his debut solo release, the excellent Move Up was not only written, produced and recorded by Divine Count Stone, but also skilfully mixed and mastered by renowned UK producer No Sleep Nigel. This infectious track encompasses a diversity of styles and influences that Stone has distilled over the years and weaves them together to get his Positive message across.

Stone explains, “People might be expecting some gangster rap. But it’s not that. I wanted a chorus that says to the youths Move Up, and originally we were going to call the track “The only way is up”. But after finishing the track we liked Move Up and really just wanted to put it out there for the youths, a positive mind ting”.

I so wanted this to be awesome because of the fantastic memories Bionic and Rodney P have given me, however this is a dissapointing offering. The production is lacking, cheesy synths and thin drum sounds prevnt this from delivering the punch it should. With a decent remix this track could do somthing, but as it is a fear it will not do much.

Move Up will be released on 1st March 2011.

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