Hip Hop has an odd relationship with Jazz. Many like to talk up the connections between them and some even see them as linear extensions of each other. But is this true? Sure, they have common ground but they also have much to tell them apart. In essence, Jazz is about flux, leading, following and exploration whereas the beauty of Hip Hop is in its simplicity, its repetition.

Hip Hop is about finding that one bit that hits you and extending it whereas Jazz fetishises the exact opposite. All the elements of Hip Hop culture retain echoes of Jazz’s freedoms but when it comes to the actual mechanics of the music the principles are often quite different.

Either way, this limited hand numbered 7” from Kashmere and Jehst stopped my head thinking and got it nodding instead. Jehst has been criticised of late for switching up his production style (will his work on Sir Smurf’s sophomore set muzzle the haters?) But ‘The Jazz’ sees him return to a more straight up boom bap sound. A wonky piano loop is brought to life by snapping drums and horn stabs giving Kashmere free reign with his own personal brand of insanity.

A formidable combination, these two legends have served up a brooding slice of low end, high brow Hip Hop that you probably won’t be hearing on Jazz FM any time soon. And that’s a good thing. This is one of only two vinyl offerings from the dope CD only ‘Raiders of the Lost Archives’ album so collectors are advised to move now or weep later.

By: Max Weldon

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