Kids In Tracksuits

I seem to remember this crew from some Channel 4 competition in which I believe they did quite well. The crew comprises Snigger and Homey from Nottingham, who first decided to get into this music thing around 2002. This is the debut release from these pesky Kids In Tracksuits comes in the format of a 7” Limited Edition vinyl which is called an EP and features just three tracks as an introduction.

The tracks kick off with Rock And Roll, a track which is purportedly one of Steve Lamaq’s favourites. Plenty of old school samples get cut the fuck up to buggery over a pretty basic set of drum machine beats with some heavy and deep bass. Manipulations of Nautilus and old Run DMC seem to be the basis of the music for an updated danceable sound.

Kids In Tracksuits - Get Your Kit On 7Uprock Theme continues in the same vein with vocals from DJ Cheese, Grandmaster Flash et all endlessly cut up over the Big Beat. Not so much original compositions these tracks are more, reminiscent of the old DJ tracks and cut ups that were put out by people like Steinski and Cold Cut etc.

The whole offering is rounded off with  the title track for the E.P. Get Your Kit On, a track which starts off quite manically, but settles down to be quite a nice groove and is actually a bit less in your face that the other tracks with the scratching only increasing towards the latter half of the track. The guys obviously have a deep record collection and an ear for selecting cuts, but all of the tracks seem a touch short at under three minutes each. 

In a nutshell, if you believe the hype, the Kids In Tracksuits are headed for world domination. And as their press states this will not be through media control or military force, but through laptops and turntables. Well, that could be a bit far fetched, but these Kids could make a small dint in the scene. You can expect more from this crew as this is only their pre-empted strike.

The Kids In Tracksuits are currently fine-tuning their first album Word Around The Campfire which will be dished out to as many people as they can find.

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