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Sunday, 17 November 2019
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King Biscuit Time - C I Am 15 7" [No Style]
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Tuesday, 11 October 2005
King Biscuit Time - C I Am 15
01. C I AM 15
02. C I AM 15 C-Swing mix
You may well have heard of the Beta Band, but maybe you are wondering how they have cropped up on here. Well I do have a varied musical taste, but really it is because for the start of his solo career as King Biscuit Time, Steve Mason has produced quite an interesting little 7" release. Some of the Beta Band's biggest tracks were produced by Colin Emmanuel, better known in Hip Hop circles as C-Swing. Apparently Steve has been working on an LP which by al reports is nearly complete and C I Am 15 is the taster for what we can expect.

The A-side is really a mish mash of styles and loads of stuff is thrown into the mix. Not straight up Hip Hop, it was a strange new feeling which I would, if I had to, categorise this as generic contemporary urban pop. Over the psychedelia, house, dance hall, pop, hip hop and electronics KBT is joined by Topcat, a dancehall MC whose appearance is rather sparse (one verse), but never the less adds to the vocals as contrast to KBT. It is relatively slow paced with a stuttery drum pattern an any acid type throbbing basses. Not entirely to my taste, but catchy regardless with potential for success.

But really the reason for our interest is the B-Side which features the aforementioned C-Swing remix which also entices Braintax and Rodney P onto the vocals. What a mouth-watering concoction of talent. This is the much more Hip Hop mix as you would expect and could certainly heat up the clubs, but the original is not left far behind with the KBT refrain still used for the chorus. Whist this is a bumper, there are for me several failings which mean that this doesn't reach the highs it could have with such a line up, but I am positive there are younger people than me for whom this will be just the ticket. The beat is big with sweet horns and a definite dark undercurrent to the arrangement. Being a 7" it seems as though the tracks are real short, but I guess that is also a good sign that the tracks don't tire your ears. Not sure I ever worked out what the title was about...

Apparently the official release is actually on two 7"s and the second disc contains two new tracks - People Happy and Paperhead. If this is your thing be sure to also be on the look out for a Beta Band DVD which a year after their split is a collection of the best of their work.

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