Rocko - Umma Do Me - DJ Doc Rok Remix MP3

DJ Doc Rok is a hip hop / house / pop producer and DJ currently residing in Washington. At only 22, he has gained international notoriety for his consistent remixes which have spanned everything: from Jay-Z and Led Zeppelin to M.I.A. and Ludacris; from Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne to Marvin Gaye and the Nine Inch Nails.

There is a whole load of remixes popping up in my inbox recently. Here we have one from DJ Doc Roc who has taken the opportunity to put his own spin on Rocko’s Umma Do Me. This new remix adds Bon Jovi guitars and I was so intreigued as to how this would turn out that I had to give it a go and its actually quite nice.

Rocko as you probably know uses his lyrics to compare his lifestyle to everyone else’s, or those people he comes into cotact with, and guess who comes off best – you guessed it, Rocko has a blinging, pimpin lifestyle, whilst the rest of us are gutter rats.

The production takes me back to Run DMC, but obviously it has a new modern sound and does kinda work. I wouldn’t want a whole night of this, but once in a while its cool.

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