The Allergies - Never Gonna Let Go

South West supremoes The Allergies are back with another dynamite track expertly woven out of the scraps of forgotten wax from their deep and dusty record crates.

For this uptempo blast of beats and breaks, the Bristol-based duo engineer a batch of fiery Brazilian samba samples into a club-ready roller. By slicing up funky loops and layering in big and bashy horns and cuts, ‘Never Gonna Let Go‘ takes a hold and beds in the sweet reggae vocals of the late great Junior Delgado. His infectious lyrics ride a groove with the wind in its hair, providing the perfect hook for yet another Allergies summer anthem-in-waiting.

‘Never Gonna Let Go’ is the B-side to the Bootie Brown-starring banger ‘Stanky Funk‘, and is the zesty focus track of The Allergies’ forthcoming album ‘Tear The Place Up‘. Proof if needed that that these cheeky chaps always know how to twist, turn, prime and polish vintage loops into sureshot slices of glorious dancefloor gold.

The Allergies

Jalapeno Records

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