2 Complex - Standard Procedure LP [Northern Structure]

The eclectic as ever Northern Structure Records have returned with their latest offering to the world of hip hop in the form of Standard Procedure, courtesy of emcee duo 2 Complex (Evileyz, Spider Jaroo) and producer Bambu Hands. The twelve track album takes the listener back to those early, hazy days of what was to become a formidable force in the northern hip hop scene.

Before the formation of Northern Structure, two rappers hailing from the sandy, alcohol and drug infused coasts of Blackpool took it upon themselves to come together and create an EP that would change the course of everything they ever knew. During that time, various local performances would lead the two spitters to come across a man known then as ‘Faceless‘ who would later become Bambu Hands.

2 Complex instantly took to the lancastrian’s (A person from Lancaster) soul laced production and along with the appearance of the enigmatic Amos and beat box crew ‘The Masses‘, Northern Structure Records was born.

Fast forward eight years and artists have come and gone but the core figures still remain. Now we find ourselves on the verge of a release that sat in a dusty attic galvanizing and maturing over a time period that reflects the nature of the production and vocals throughout the album.

2 Complex - Standard Procedure LP [Northern Structure]

Salted P-nuts‘ is the album’s introduction to NSR turntable mentalist ‘DJ P-Nuts‘ who also performed the cuts on last year’s ‘Live From The Archive Vol 1‘. With DMC and various other major DJ comp honours under his belt, it isn’t difficult to see why his technical cutting abilities over the album’s three instrumentals are a definite highlight.

Standard Procedure is an example of how an album can be expertly engineered over the course of a long period of time and still sound as relevant as it did on the day of it’s creation. Evileyz and Spider Jaroo have graced several relareases both separately and together and with these two you know the style and sound you are going to get. These are two quality rhymesmiths with that Northern twang that sounds so good. Prepared to takle any number of subject matters the pair are well able to deliver well thought out and tightly delivered verses.

For all info on the various projects coming out on Northern Structure Records in 2015 and the future follow on the twitter page and Facebook as well as the YouTube page.

2 Complex featuring Amos – Numb [Video]

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