2Pac - The Way He Wanted It - Vol. 3 CD [LiferDef]

Anybody who managed to cop Vol.1 & 2 of ‘The Way He Wanted It’ will know how good this series is. Put together by Assassin this has to be the best volume so far, with awesome collaborations. Outstanding production and above all a CD that if Tupac was alive he would be proud of. Real ‘2Pac’ fans should really get up on this album if they haven’t already.

Forget them dodgy 2Pac tracks produced by Mr. Slim Shady, this shizzle here is the real deal. ‘When We Ride On Our Enymyz – Part 2’ is a big track that gets the album off on the right tip, before DJ Quik and AMG team up on the super smooth ‘Late Night’. Keysha Cole, Strecth (from The Live Squad), Biggie, Lady Of Rage, Nutso, Thuglife, Candyman, Roniece and Rated R all feature, but being honest it’s the legend who comes with the killer bars. Peep for ‘The House Of Pain’, ‘Don’t Ya Trust Me?’ and the untitled bonus cut! Massive everytime… I really hope there’s a Volume 4!

Review by: Tricksta

2Pac - The Way He Wanted It - Vol. 3 CD [LiferDef]

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