AC And Terra - Youthanasia - Escape From The Land Of The Wastemen CD [2GR]

ENERGY. MC's need it too. They don't just sit and chat. They spit. They perform. And AC and Terra rip apart platinum heavy tracks like tissue paper. This is rowdy dangerous rude boi energy. If this album was a dance move it'd be the krumper's trademark 'beasty'.

Whether it's conscious or purely natural the guys have this rare ability to violently yank you inside their tracks with them. They ent spitting on top of the song. They're part of it. Expanding and defining the beats like any good 6 step, they let the music create the lyrics and liveliness these tracks are dripping with.

There's bare lyrical justification of something more people need to give rappers props for; the way they twist, fold and layer language like hot pastry. It's past anything books and raas will ever teach you. With lines like 'I don't see a lot of warriors but I see a lot of sheep' and a perfectly reasonable explanation for many things we somehow all get oursens into – I'm not actually that bad a person. It's just, 'I had bad luck and trouble everywhere I go'. If a rooster crows only when he sees the light, then somebody must be shining a 4000kW beam in these speng's eyes.

At first the 23 solid track list impresses me. But while trying to make their point's clear, the guy's tool of separating new ideas onto different tracks doesn't really work. It gets tedious. The same impregnated idea over 3 whole minutes gives me a bita morning sickness. Yet somehow they still kind of pull it off. Thanks to the cleverly constructed beats and raw energy they thrust into the entire disc. It's like breaking through a 2 year old drum skin you kept putting off replacing, in the middle of a gig. You feel like declaring to the entire crowd what a pleb you are. But instead you unscrew the offending drum, throw it at ‘em and work the rest of the kit like crazy.

As a hip hop activist and youth mentor. I want them to approach a new technique with which to lay the blatantly righteous points they are trying to make. From the stress on the weakness behind carrying metal to 'Baby Father Drama'.

As a bgirl and drummer. I'm full of respect and I just can't get enough of these beats. Especially on 'Hush', 'We're Not' and as a saviour for the fast food fuckwit track 'Supersize Me'. 'Make Your Mind Up Time' has this manic marching band beat that makes the lads worthy of stadium audience themsens. Then you get the Desi Refix of 'Rowdy'. Whoah.

Hold up.
Did I just?…
Did you just?…
Well, there go my hips.

I cannot find one single faulty with this track. And my Desi roots which I have been neglecting lately due to a lack of weddings and fresh Bhangra gigs, are suddenly sparked into action. Trust me. Bhangra personalises hip hop in such an incredible way we're only gonna see more and more of it all over the place. Also gotta big up AC and Terra for their hands on approach to producing. It's simple… If you want a job done properly…

Plus, if you always try your best and do it all ursen, you never have to regret failure or find ursen laying the blame on anyone else. AC and Terra are becoming the change they want to see.

Passivity is no longer an option. Creativity is suddenly a necessity. Of course, the all important anthem comes in the form of 'This Is England'. Here I picture hoards of kids chanting along with two fingers in the air. Aye. This is England. And we're lucky to be here. Cos you now what?

This is talent. This is fresh. And this is locked in my multicoloured mind. Will AC and Terra slip through the fingers of the honest buck audience they deserve?

Well, if you want guarantees – Buy a fucking toaster.

By Nino

Look out for 'Keep It Together' from AC and 'Work OF A genius' from Terra Slim very very soon.

AC And Terra - Youthanasia - Escape From The Land Of The Wastemen CD [2GR]

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