Alex Tronic - Bounced

Alex Tronic, aka Paul Croan returns with his new album “Bounced“. The CD was recorded at his studio in Leith, Edinburgh during the lockdown period. Alex Tronic decided due to the pandemic to create a ‘virtual band’ to work on the album with associate Singers, Guitarists, Brass players, DJs and a Rapper. When possible things were recorded in his studio in Leith.

When in lockdown Paul collaborated remotely with his ‘dreamteam’ of live musicians. The album has included collaborations from instrumentalist Dominika Czerniga. Other collaborations include Rapper Conscious Route, Christina R and Shuna Lovelle. Some of the recordings took place in Leith and some in London, Berlin, Italy and Luxembourg.

The album will be supported with a series of videos with funding from Creative Scotland. The first single from Bounced “Wax” made some huge Spotify playlists such as Global Hits, Chillpill and Indie Vibes. “Wax” also received BBC radio support and many other stations such as SBS Australia. We hope you enjoy this summer as you sit back and chill to the sound of Scotland’s Alex Tronic.

Alex Tronic - Bounced

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