Architech And S.Kalibre - Continuance EP [Pride Vibes]

British rapper / emcee  S.Kalibre teams up with beatmaker Architech for the finest indie hip-hop EP you might hear this year. Continuance showcases the talent of two very gifted artists, pushing the boundaries of hip-hop while preserving its backbone. The EP showcases S.Kalibre’s unique raps fused with Architech’s sound signature of merging straight hip-hop elements with forward-thinking production.

S.Kalibre and Architech first collaborated in 2003 on the tracks Ya Get Me and F@#k That and soon after Architech joined S.Kalibre’s label Pride Vibes. A good connection and the fact that each artist seemed to get the best out of the other convinced S.Kalibre and Architech to deepen the collaboration and have this natural flow of united work result in a six track EP, so in 2011 they started getting busy with this. The result is Continuance, a smashing collision between two creative minds with strong backgrounds in hip-hop which coupled with borderless imagination bring you more than just another hip-hop EP.

The EP confirms the genuinely productive union of S.Kalibre and Architech’s abilities, it is the finely crafted and accomplished result of two artists naturally complementing each other’s ideas. From moody ambiences, bewitching loops and hybrid beats to sophisticated soulful beats or mesmerizing urban soundscapes, Continuance exhibits a rich pallet of atmospheres and attitudes with a smart and creative approach. Blending deft production with unique raps, Continuance truly is a refreshing hip-hop exploit from two driving forces in the British hip-hop scene.

Track List:

01. Build And Destroy
02. Throw Ya Hands Up
03. Masterpiece ft. Dro Pesci, Sabotawj and Karizma
04. People’s Army
05. Cause And Consequences
06. Vibin’

Download link:

Architech And S.Kalibre – Vibin’ Video

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