Asher D - In Memory Of The Street Fighter CD [AD82]

Seventeen tracks deep the So Solid crew member and well-respected actor Ashley Walters aka Asher D drops bombs with this new CD. Rather than going down the route of so many other UK rappers, Asher tells street stories and drops knowledge on inner-city Britain.

Things I Never’ is a killer of a track that shows Asher drop some serious bars and tracks such as ‘Every Little Thing I Say’ show that he still has one of the best flows as well as really giving us an insight into his life. To be honest there’s so many highlights to this CD it’s had to pin point particular tracks, and it really works as an album with some nice skits too. Asher D is such a talented individual and this CD is a real testament to where he is at right about now. Big up all involved for such a classic UK Rap album. It’s so solid from start to finish!

Review by: Tricksta

Asher D - In Memory Of The Street Fighter CD [AD82]

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