Awon And Kameleon Beats - Concentration Gradient LP [Kameleon Beats]

The 17-track album has a noticeably darker feel than their previous release “Love Supersedes” yet it maintains their traditional jazzy soulful sound. The subject matter is very political and introspective in nature ranging from current events to spiritual matters. Having worked on the album for some time now the duo feel they have constructed a project that will hit a nerve with its listeners.

Tracks like “Had Enough” and “They Coming” focus on the pressures and hardships of modern society while songs like “Heaven” take a more positive and forward-thinking stance.

The video for “Free” (below) shows off the smooth Kameleon production for a very engaging track, whilst Awon delivers in a confident style a well developed flow. The video its self sees Awon getting off charges free and immediately progressing onto something nefarious!

The vintage hip hop sound is still the underlying force behind their music but this project is much more aggressive musically and lyrically.  Awon‘s delivery is firmer and Kameleon ventures into newer territory sample-wise. The result is an album hip hop heads young and old can feel.  

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