B-Illa - The Illa Tapes Volume 1 EP [Indie]

Let us introduce you to B-iLLA, a Hip-Hop collective out of the UK out of Cambridge and Hertfordshire that are destined for big things. The collective’s main two members are rappers and brothers Mistah Biggz and Dillahman, with the other members being rappers Don Walshie and Jacky B and producer / deejay Denzel P. Music is so important to this collective and to these two brothers, and their focus is second to none. For a few of you this might be the first time you have heard of B-iLLA, but trust us when we say it won’t be the last! B-iLLA have arrived and this is exactley it has been said that thay are what the game has been missing!

B-iLLA’s latest release is a twelve track free download entitled The iLLA Tapes Volume One and it’s the official warm-up project for their forthcoming mixtape with UK Runnings called Brothers In Bars. Here we get some killer tracks as well as a bunch of previously unavailable material included some killer beats from leading beatmaker Deadman Walkn. This is the perfect soundtrack for any discerning Hip-Hop fan and another killer release from this collective.

Mistah Biggz and Dillahman where both intrigued by the stage and performing arts at a young age, and after starting out in local bands and playing various instruments it was obvious that their life would take a musical path. Hip-Hop would be their home, as it is to millions of other inner city kids, the culture and musical genre that would allow them to be able to express their words and thoughts, and although Hip-Hop plays a big part in their lives, the two brothers sight their late father who was a deejay and music enthusiast as a massive inspiration for their works.

B-iLLA’s style is sometimes humorous and sometimes witty, but also they deliver lashings of deeper, more thought provoking styled bars, which is something refreshing in an era where UK emcees either ‘Go Hard’ or just focus on ‘materialism’. Their style has led to them collaborating with overseas acts, sharing stages with well respected artists such as Supar Novar and Lewi London, as well as making appearances on a string of well respected mixtapes and releasing their own underground mixtapes that have been well received locally and on the internet from their steadily growing fan base.

Track List:

01. Intro 01:23
02. Dillah – Oh Darlin 02:14
03. Mistah Biggz – Trashy (prod. J-Dilla) 03:00
04. The Game (prod. Dead Man Walkn) 02:43
05. (its) Contagious 03:32
06. War 02:49
07. Dillahman – Do It Properly 01:42
08. Mistah Biggz – Im not tryin 2 be 03:39
09. Angel (prod. DeadManWalkn) 02:36
10. Dillahman – You Dont Know Me (prod. DeadManWalkn) 04:12
11. How it is 04:11
12. RedLeRoux ft. B-iLLA – War (Dub Remix) 03:30

Download Link:

B-iLLA – Angel (Music Video)

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