Baby J - Baby Food LP [Abstract Urban]

From the opening out-of-tune bars of ‘If I Could Do It All Again’ through to the rambling ‘Midlands Anthem’ one can’t help feeling disappointed with ‘Baby Food’. Sure, the album has its good moments, but for someone considered a pro, it’s awfully amateurish.

The ‘100% Sample Free’ approach was an admirable idea but, you know, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Some of Baby J’s usual vibe is captured on this new record; his ear for a catchy tune and his ability to attract good guests are the evident remainders of his past work.

Singles ‘Lies’ and ‘Wake Up’ have obvious crossover appeal and are the more polished fruits of Baby J’s labour. ‘Love and Peace’ featuring Task Force’s Farma G and some school kids suit the low level production whereas other tracks come off at best as sounding ‘homemade’. Belfast MC Jun Tzu provides a welcome stroke of genius madness with ‘Wee Jonny’.

Had Baby J stuck to sampling for this release, whilst refining his new formula for future ventures, I’m sure my words would have differed. As it stands, traditional ingredients are out of the window leaving not a sour taste, but one lacking in flavour.

By: Aidan Severs |

Baby J - Baby Food LP [Abstract Urban]

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