Bambu Hands - The Lost Soul LP [Northern Structure]

Residing in the wilderness of the North West on England. Producer and Crate Digger Bambu Hands releases his third themed instrumental project ‘The Lost Soul‘. This time Bambu Hands is using all of those old and unwanted soul records he had lying around. Turning what may have been a dusty charity shop bound stack of records into a fusion of soul and beats in a way only Bambu Hands knows how.

This collection of tracks has an authentic sound which is due to Bambu Hands using his unique collection of old effects units collected over the years along with his MPC 2000xl and his trusty SP1200 with all of the mixes being mastered to tape.

This is the first release from Northern Structure Records in 2014, with many more to come from their stable including the likes of Evileyz, Spider Jaroo, Amos and The Depths Beneath. The next project being Live From The Archive Vol. 1 by Spider Jaroo, Produced entirely by Bambu Hands.

Bambu Hands
Bambu Hands
Bambu Hands

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