Benny Diction Facepalm / Brainwave?

The brand new album from Benny Diction entitled Facepalm / Brainwave? is out now! The album features Doberman, MNSR Frites, Tiece, Beit Nun, Teej, Chalk, Cal Pacino, Eliza, EF Knows and Oliver Sudden with production from Hooper Stax, jas0nbeats, Krang, Deltatone, Benny Diction, Oliver Sudden, Deeflux, Tom Caruana, Gadget, Ro Jista and Steady. With cuts from DJ Sugai, Downstroke and Rasp. Mixed and mastered by Forest DLG (FKA Chemo).

Some words from Benny:

My usual approach when it comes to writing a blurb for my new releases is to refer to myself in the 3rd person to give the impression that it’s somebody else writing about the project rather than me, throwing in all kind of superlatives and literary devices along the way for added effect (shhh don’t tell anyone though). I decided against that this time around in favour of being a bit more honest and direct.

Basically, this album exists because Steady said to me that it’d be cool to put out a Benny Diction solo album this year. Not a ‘Benny Diction & (insert producer name here) album’ but one which wasn’t alongside a specific collaborator or collaborators. Which had me thinking that I’d not done one since my debut LP ‘Hard Graft…’ back in 2012. Everything since had either been with a producer (Able8, Blue Buttonz) or as part of a duo or group (Corners, Scran Cartel, Helsinki Booze Merchants).

It quickly occurred to me that a solo album had been in the making for several years, only I’d not clocked. I started thinking about the various collabs I’d done or half-finished with different producers and vocalists that for whatever reason never saw the light of day and realised that I was sat on a bit of a goldmine. I figured that it not only would have been a shame if these were never put out, but together they could make a quality full-length. With an album in mind it also gave me a proverbial boot up the backside to cook some new bits to bring to the table.

I settled on the title ‘Facepalm/Brainwave?’ shortly after. I took the title from the chorus of ‘Strange Days’, and it’s a reference to the evaluative part of the creative process, where you’re determining whether your idea is a good one (brainwave) or a bad one (facepalm), which I thought was appropriate.

In the same way that ‘Hard Graft…’ was basically 14 songs that were written over several years leading up to is release, ‘Facepalm/Brainwave?’ comprises 14 songs that were written between 6 months and 7 years ago, and I’m mad proud of them all. What initially started almost as a ‘Lost Tapes’ kind of scenario ended up being, if I may say so myself, my most well-rounded and complete project to date and I like to think of it as a journey of sorts. Massive love to everyone who contributed and I hope that you, the listener, enjoy it.

Peace, Benny Diction.

Benny Diction Facepalm / Brainwave?

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