Exceedingly Good!!!! There is nothing better than listening to good music! Big Cakes or Cakes to his friends’ latest offering S.K.I.M is an honest and audible body of work which portrays our ever changing culture.  Sharp and to the point this EP certainly will not disappoint.

The energy and intelligence that has gone into every song is endearing, as is the thought process behind it.  Big Cakes has hit the nail firmly on the head as he tackles real issues and answers questions we all ask.

There is no sign of the stereo typical misogynistic view that usually haunt Hip-Hop but instead we are enlightened by a compilation of true stories relatable to all.

The track ‘Never Had Time’ Produced by Nottingham’s finest ‘The Elementz’, has  been quoted as “the biggest hit on the EP” but that of course is a matter of opinion!  With tight production and lethal delivery you have no choice but to listen to what is being said.

Straight Of The Endz‘, produced by Nutty P is a realistic portrayal of life on the ends as we know it. It speaks volumes as it tells of the harsh reality faced by a lot of young males today.

Big Cakes is known for firmly advocating guns and cleverly sends a message out to all the guys who want to bust something! “’Holla At The Girls’ and bust something”.  This tune is big!  Cakes lets it rip on this one, effortlessly combining truth and wit, to convey a positive message.

In all S.K.I.M is easy listening, it can be described as an eclectic meting pot of music and is something that he should be proud of.  Cakes managed to combine 13 tracks that all sound different with ease and execute them in true London style with his distinctive flow.

If you’re willing to broaden your horizons then I suggest you grab yourself a copy of S.K.I.M and listen to what Cakes has to say.  You can find him at www.myspace.com/bigcakes or www.iwantstuff.co.uk, where you can pick up a copy for £5 inc p&p.

By: Jemma Capleton

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