Big Daddy Rap Beast - Yarns From The Juicer

Portsmouth’s self-proclaimed “Painfully average” rapper Big Daddy Rap Beast returns from a short hiatus to drop his second album “Yarns from the Juicer” which is the follow up to 2018’s underground classic “Peep My Jawns“.

Big Daddy Rap Beast brings presents a tight knit project packed full of his trademark wit and sarcasm brimming with innuendos, hilarious punchlines and some good old fashioned storytelling raps.

The exquisitely crafted production is exclusively handled by Pimpernel Jones and guest features include UK battle rap champion Tenchoo, Benny Diction (Punning Clan and Corners) MNSR Frites (Granville Sessions and Moose Funk Squad) and Long Island wordsmith Goretex (formerly of Non Phixion) aka Lord Goat.

Strong material, self deprecating and funny Big Daddy Rap Beast offers up someting that is refreshing, throwback and comforting at the same time!

The album is available on digital and streaming services from February 12th and can be found on Spotify below:

Following a successful crowd funding campaign this release has also gone to press on vinyl with 60 pre-orders and 40 self-purchased which will be available for sale in March/April 2021. 

The lead single from the album is Goodbye Galaxy (Featuring Benny Diction and MNSR Frites):

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