Big Syke - Volume One CD [Street Commando]

Big Syke is probably best known for tracks he recorded with the legendary 2Pac in the groups Thuglife and Outlaw Immortalz, but now back with this CD Big Syke is destined to make noise once again. It kicks off with some dialogue from 50Cent talking on 2Pac before ‘They Like Me’ gets the album underway well.

Notable tracks include ‘Off the Chain’ which features a killer a 50Cent hook over a banging West Coast gangsta beat and classic-sounding ‘How Long Will They’ featuring 2Pac and Thuglife. If you’re a 2Pac fan this should be already in your collection, but if some bizarre reason you don’t own a copy then you need to toddle off down to your latest music retailer and get a copy of this. Props to Big Syke and the whole Thuglife movement… R.I.P. Tupac Shakur.

Review by: Tricksta

Big Syke - Volume One CD [Street Commando]

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