Big Toast - Crusts 2: Work Is Soul Rape LP [Indie]

As a third of Croydon's infamous TPS Fam, Big Toast has been a familiar face on the British Hip Hop scene for several years. A regular at open mics as well as numerous shows and festivals across the country, his highly technical rhymes have gained him a reputation as an exceptionally skilled MC.

With a handful of TPS releases behind him as well as collaborations with various other artists, last year he dropped a solo effort, Crusts, simply because he had a load of unreleased tracks doing nothing on his hard-drive. Available on free download, Crusts got a lot of positive feedback despite a fairly disjointed feel to it.
Immediately after releasing it Toast set about starting a second edition. Crusts 2 raised the bar from the previous release with a more polished sound and stronger individual tracks.
Crusts 2 documents Toast's life as both a rapper and a 9-5 wage slave. With production from The Strange Neighbour, Jack Diggs, Hermit the Slob, Shroomz, Oliver Sudden and Toast himself, a classic Hip Hop vibe is maintained throughout. Vocal contributions come from The Strange Neighbour, Jack Diggs, Just P, Gramma K and Oliver Sudden.

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Track List:

01. Work is Soul Rape
02. Croque Monsieur
03. 4 of the illest
04. Ladi Dadi
05. What's He Gonna Do
06. World go Round
07. Love – Hate
08. Mini Cheddars
09. Patterns
10. Set it Straight
11. Ip Man
12. Summertime drinking
13. Big Drinking

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