Black Grass - Three 12

Catskills release the third album from Black Grass simply entitled ‘Three’. The project of DJ / producer Mex, Black Grass involves a floating cast of guests including hip hop legend J-Live, vocalist Dionne Charles from funk sensations Baby Charles, Hearin’ Aid’s Aaron Phiri, reggae representation by Benjammin’ and Jah Marnyah, along with many more talented contributors.

With this being the third Black Grass album, according to Mex it mirrors another famous trilogy. “This album is my Return of the Jedi, whereas ‘A Hundred Days In One’ was my Empire Strikes Back and was quite dark, this is more fun with a couple of Ewoks thrown for laughs. Rest assured I won’t be ruining it with a load of unnecessary CGI though”.

Among the guests on the album, J-Live stands out as a highlight. "The J-Live track came about by chance really. I heard he was playing in Brighton so I managed to hook up with him and we recorded the track the very next day".

Mex's career spans 20 years and during this time he has built up a reputation as one of the most talented but under-rated DJs. He was resident at the seminal Brighton night 'Knowledge of Self', then moved on to open for the likes of OC, Jurassic 5 and Big L whilst also producing the self-titled album 'Black Grass' in 2004, and then the critically-acclaimed follow up 'A Hundred Days in One' in 2006.

Black Grass - Three 12

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