Blue City CDF and Risk1 - Anamnesis

Welsh duo Blue City CDF (Jay Rede and Formal Brown) team up with producer Risk1 for their stunning “Anamnesis” album.

On the surface “Anamnesis” feels like a simple ode to adolescence with its light-hearted approach, retro TV and video game references and samples that are peppered throughout the album but once you scratch through the ice, more mature subjects and themes begin to rise to the top and break through.

Jay Rede and Formal Brown really excel with their storytelling abilities as the duo recount tales of being teenage tearaways (Two’s on a Draw, White Lightning) through to more mature subjects such as the joys, angst and uncertainty of parenthood (Cry no More) through to the indescribable heartbreak and loss when losing a loved one (Indebted) and everywhere in between, with utmost sincerity.

Producer Risk1 handles the production throughout “Anamnesis” digging deep into the crates to create some fantastically soulful Boom Bap that sets the tone throughout, leaving the emcees with plenty of breathing room to express themselves at their own pace.

Anamnesis features guest appearances from Rollo, Seek the Northerner, Jass Bianchi, Brighty and The Scribes.

Words by: One9Ate7

Blue City CDF


Bard Picasso

Track List:

  1. Anamnesis
  2. Two’s on a Draw (feat. Rollo)
  3. Golden Days
  4. We Are (feat. Seek The Northerner)
  5. Channel Surfing (Skit)
  6. Rivers (feat. Jass Bianchi)
  7. Indebted
  8. Cry No More
  9. White Lightning
  10. Special Packs (Skit)
  11. Pursuit of the Shiny Charizard
  12. Cartoons
  13. Skip The Ads (Skit)
  14. Adulthoods Begun (feat. Brighty)
  15. Retro Sh*t (feat. The Scribes)
  16. Young Again
  17. Dreaming in Oldschool
Blue City CDF and Risk1 - Anamnesis
Blue City CDF and Risk1 - Anamnesis

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