Brawdcast - The Quest For Human Completion LP [PsychoNavigation]

Recording commercials for Russell Simmons, collaborating with artists like Trek Life and Pigeon John and winning awards for “Best Hip-Hop” at the Orange County Music Awards in 2006, 2007 and 2008 it’s hard not to expect something very big from Brawdcast.

His Debut album was a feature on iTunes in the first week of October in the new releases sections and he was MySpace’s  Artist Of The Week from the 28th of March to the 4th of April along with Hip-Hop act’s T.I and alternative Hip-Hop group, Ugly Duckling.

Before releasing “The Quest For Human Completion”, Brawdcast released a 12" EP which soared to the top of the Indy Hip-Hop charts.

The album brings a soulful style of Hip-Hop to the listener which may surprise some listener’s as it goes against the mainstream selection of generic, Auto tuned Hip-Hop that seems to be slowly taking over the Hip-Hop world.

Tracks have a conscious feel and Brawdcast makes the listener think about what he’s saying. This is evident on all tracks.

The DJ showcases his talent on “LD Cut Intro” and “InDJnous Interlude”. The way these tracks have been mixed shows the DJ’s ability, this coupled with Brawdcast’s lyricism combines to present an excellent album full of soulful, creative and Real Hip-Hop.

Hooks are a staple of many Hip-Hop tracks. The hooks are sung extremely well by talented artists in tracks like; “Not Today”, “Leaving” and “Life Ain't Easy” compliment the DJ’s ability and flow nicely with the, melodies and the wordplay.

I give this album 4/5 as the creativity poured into the work is amazing and the team works well. Brawdcast looks like he's the future of Hip-Hop.

By: Nikhil Sharma |

Track List:
01. Ld Cut Intro
02. Not Today Feat: Francesca
03. Soul Search Feat: Sophistic
04. Night Walk Feat: Lmno, Neezee
05. Leaving Feat: Francesca
06. Freedom Feat: Johnny Richter
07. Good Intentions [Explicit]
08. Lisn [Explicit]
09. No Hesitation Feat: Hochii [Explicit]
10. Life Ain’t Easy Feat: Neezee, Destruct, Mic Moses [Explicit]
11. Thirsty
12. Regroup
13. Me The Mirror Feat: C4mula, Mic Moses, Homeless, Los Vegas
14. Reach Out Feat: Apoetnomadali
15. The Quest for Human Completion
16. Day Job
17. That’s Riiight
18. Wild At Heart
19.3 Amigos Feat: C4mula, Mic Moses [Explicit]
20.Indjnous Interlude [Explicit]
21.How We Rock Feat: Yukkon Mc, Swiss Percise, Monstah Ganjah, Hochii, Pkon, Masta Fuol [Explicit]
22.Scarred IV Life Interlude [Explicit]
23.Sheepish Lions
24.Light Shines Feat: Ariano
25.In Due Time Feat: Jen Harvey
26.2 1/2 Minute Smile

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