Brazilian Beats 'N Pieces - Mixed By Phat Kev

I've recently been sent a couple of pieces from record shop / label Mr Bongo's giving me a little insight into Brazilian music and culture. I guess a lot of people's knowledge of Brazil encompasses soccer, some of the world's finest Drum & Bass , the film Cidade De Deus and the video to Snoop's "Beautiful "… mine certainly doesn't go a lot further. I'm aware that it's a former Portugese colony in South America with a reputation for great weather and fine women, made significantly less joyous by grinding poverty and a shockingly high crime rate.

This CD may not give me a full run-down on Brazilian history and culture it does make for damn good listening… and I'd imagine a reasonable introduction to the funkier side of the national sound. DJ Phat Kev is a UK DMC finalist so what you get here is a full-on cut-up of the best bits from Mr Bongo's "Brazilian Beats" compilation series. It's incredibly eclectic in style… there's everything here from James-Brown style hard funk and beats through to fairly cheesy pop-soul stuff and also some chilled jazzy business, all mixed into one flowing whole.

Kev obviously understands and feels Brazilian music and hasn't jusn't thrown this together. Equally, while some tracks are heavily manipulated, others are justifiably left to breathe with little turntablist input.

This is definitely a CD you want to own so you have something interesting to throw on at house parties or whatever, plus it'll be great if the British summer time ever gets its act together. Special mention has to go to the inclusion of Jorge Ben & Toquinho's "Carolina Carol Bella", which is of course the sample source for DJ Marky's "LK"… Kev doubles up the appropriate section in fine style.

By: Analogue

Phat Kev

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