Brighty - Transformation

Transformation is the third solo offering from South-Wales wordsmith – Brighty and his first release for the illustrious Bard Picasso RecordsBrighty delivers eighteen scorching tracks that showcase his diversity as a performer which ranges from a rapid-pace style of delivery to smoother, more mellow and experimental styles. Brighty as he tackles a broad range of subjects from straight up lyrical showmanship to his innermost thoughts and self-reflection.

In addition to Brighty‘s fantastic display of craftmanship ‘Transformation‘ also boasts some stellar guest features from Blue City CDF, Cam Solo, O.Davies, Kenny Cadence, DW Smith, ESS, Wolfgang Von Vanderghast, Risk1, Formless, Cherrie, Big Dex and Tytun with seventeen out of the eighteen tracks being masterfully produced by O.Davies.

‘Transformation’ is bursting to the seams with catchy, head-nodding production and a mixture of solid rhymes and thought-provoking lyrical content which has its sight firmly fixed on the mainstream for the attention it deserves.

The addition of Brighty to the roster coupled with the forthcoming ‘Transformation‘ album only adds to strengthen the reputation of Bard Picasso as one of the hottest up and coming labels within the UK scene today.

Track List:

  1. Transformation (intro) 01:47
  2. Here To Stay 02:27
  3. Cold Heart (feat. Blue City) 03:22
  4. In My Head (feat. Cam Solo) 03:05
  5. Then & Now 03:17
  6. Never Lose 02:56
  7. Give Me That (feat. O.Davies) 03:01
  8. Sorry 03:41
  9. Maybe (Interlude) 02:25
  10. Lately (feat. Kenny Cadence) 04:30
  11. One Of Those 03:30
  12. Cutting Deeper 03:34
  13. Need Them 03:00
  14. Still Around 03:27
  15. Power (feat. DW Smith & Ess) 04:05
  16. Why 03:13
  17. DLC (feat. Cam Solo, Wolfgang Von Vanderghast & Risk1) 03:19
  18. Level Up (feat. Formless, Cherrie, Big Dex & Tytun) [Remix] 04:24
Brighty - Transformation

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