Brother Beatbox - Vol. III LP [De Facto Entertainmnet]

The next release from De Facto Entertainment is courtesy of Brother Beatbox with his new album entitled ‘Vol. III‘. Brother Beatbox from the group Natural Selection takes another dip into his extensive vault of Hip Hop treasures and this release promises to carry on the success from which Vol. II and Transmissions left off demonstrating the soulful genius that is Brother Beatbox.

Vol. III consists of fourteen jazz infused boom bap classics including features from both sides of the Atlantic. These consist of the honest, thought provoking stanzas of label mate Deeflux to the distinctive flows of Boom Bap Professionals’ Benny Diction all the way to punchlines for days from Tenchoo with a sprinkle of L.A’s finest Destruct to name a few.

This is classic material which should resonate with any listener. There is few recognisable samples in here, but it is all done well and produced with a booming sound. Crisp snares and a good vocal level make for pleasureable listening and the chosen MCs deliver destictive verses and lyrics which rise above big stacks and booties. A return to cut up choruses transports me back to a time when there was a greater level of quality control and releases generally worth the wait rather than throw away.

Brother Beatbox is building quite a catalogue of work and I for one expect him to continue improving. The lead single ‘Pen & Paper‘ featuring Joker Starr and DJ Miracle drops on 20th June and Vol. III is released on 30th June. Make sure you check this.

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