Butterscotch and Damaged Goodz - Brothers From Another Planet

Brothers From Another Planet” is the fresh collaboration between two of Scotland’s finest Hip Hop stalwarts Butterscotch and Damaged Goodz. Long-time friends and collaborators since the days of running the Church Street Hip Hop Night in Inverness, a joint venture was always on the cards.

As the EP was written during the pandemic lockdown, it harnesses an urgent lyrical intensity, with the two contrasting styles deftly weaving around the polished expertise of DJ Zeeny‘s modern classic beats and clinical cuts.

The EP title is a nod to the saying “on another planet”, alluding to the expert skill and craftsmanship of these seasoned vets. As natives of the underdog towns of Dingwall and Fort William, their outsider roots set them apart from the rest with a refreshingly unorthodox approach.

These guys have been putting it down for a long time now and know how to produce a satisfying record. This one touches the rights spots without taking themselves too seriously.

01. Brother From Another Planet
02. All Terrain
03. Superfly Superspy
04. Remnants Of A Bygone Era
05. Tuxedo Terrorists
06. That’s Entertainment


Butterscotch and Damaged Goodz - Brothers From Another Planet

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