C-Mone - The Butterfly Effect LP [Son]

C-Mone is one of the foremost female MCs from this country and people have been waiting a long time for this debut LP and I am able to confirm that The Butterfly Effect shouldn’t dissapoint for any fans out there.

Coming out of Nottingham C-Mone has a great accent that just suits raping so well. Not only that she raps with such well crafted lyrics and puts so much of herself into her work that you really appreciate the efforts she has gone to to bring this music out. She also chooses great producers to work with, as every track is a severely hot. I don’t have the detailed production credits here to let you know who produces every track, but trust they know how to handle themselves behind the boards.

 C-Mone - The Butterfly Effect LP [Son]
01. Catch Me If You Can
02. Nightvision
03. Article 5
04. Stan Bac
05. Disfunktional
06. Second After Second
07. The Magnificent 7
08. Inside Out
09. Ode to Hip-Hop
10. Ride
11. Black Widow
12. Watching U
13. The Nina C-Mone Theory

The LP stands at 13 tracks with the last one being classed as a bonus track. The LP gets started with a stand out track, the immediately involving Catch Me If You Can. Second After Second is the first single and C-Mone has shot a video for it which features her on stage with a live backing band and it has to be said that she looks really hot in this. The flip of the single also includes Article 5, which gets a sweet backing track provided by Smiley.

Disfunktional is particularly deep and soulful with production from DJ Fever and features lyrics on the popular Hip Hop theme of growing up on hard times. But these are not treated in a cheesy manner, there is a wealth of worldly experience behind C-None’s words.

Magnificent 7, the obligatory posse cut featuring spitters such as Pariz 1, Matic, Smiley and the highly rated Cappo is a touch of a belter as well. The booming beat is laid down by Out Da Ville favourite Nick Stez. Inside Out has an outstanding sound with the traditional P-Brothers sound which could so easily mash up any set.

Highlights include the dumb, drunk & very, very, sexy Ride, which is about trying to get a cab home after a night on the sauce. ‘Feel the chill in the air, there’s cars everywhere, Donner Kebabs on the stair, with a sense of despair’. Black Widow effectively makes use of a severe and energising sample from Diana Ross’ No Matter What Sign You Are in the chorus.

Other guests on the LP are chosen well and include Cizzi Grim, Pijin, Midnyte and Nina Smith, with production credits additionally going to the Marga Boyz, DJ Fever, P Brothers, and Smiley’s Ill-Mannered Productions. This LP is a great showcase of C-Mone‘s skills and should be checked out at all costs.

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