Catch 22 - The Harlequins Monologue LP [Sugar Free Records]

Digging into a seemingly untapped reserve of vinyl for samples, I.C has produced a truly original backdrop for UK rapper Catch 22 to perform in front of on his album The Harlequins Monologue. Whilst a seam of originality runs through this album, it remains undeniably Hip Hop.

There's a fair bit of love talk on this album (Pros, Hos and Cons, Love Sick / Sick Love and the brilliant Angel) but none of it is cloying but nor is it depressing. Catch 22 speaks honestly and with authority on relationships and the fairer sex. Other tracks are just straight up bangers – Immaculate and Cut the Crap both need a Spinal Tap-esque volume knob, and they're not the only ones.

Where Catch 22 speaks about everyday life he manages to remain engaging where most rappers sound self indulgent – mainly due to his turn of phrase, on point flow and nice rhymes. Whilst many of the subjects explored on this album are pretty, erm, well, miserable it's still entertaining – the Harlequin simile is extremely justified.

Over the 16 tracks I.C also features on raps as does Standard, making this the effort of a real tight family. The Harlequins Monologue is available now from Sugar Free Records for an unbelievable £6.

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Catch 22 - The Harlequins Monologue LP [Sugar Free Records]

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