Chester P - Survive Or Die Trying CD [Music From The Corner]

Survive Or Die Trying’ or ‘New Mic Order – The Mixtape Part 1’ is the latest release from Task Force’s Chester P. One of the great things about this CD is the fact that it is ‘part 1’ – it promises more, and more of this can only be a good thing.

The UK king of abstract but gritty concept rhymes is back after his ‘From The Ashes’ solo debut album. Over a range of suitable beats Chester P weaves his angst-charged and sometimes intangible lyrics with the dexterity only a veteran could possess. Don’t worry if you don’t understand though, immerse yourself in the ill imagery and marvel at the vocabulary amalgamations and the sheer depth of general knowledge.

When he’s in comprehensible mode he’s a master story teller on ‘Urban Jackanory’ whereas elsewhere conceptual tracks such as ‘Zodiac Killer’ and ‘Spoonerised Minds’ remind you of Chessmonster’s more playful side. If he’s not doing that then he’s telling true to life narratives and musings which are often personal, as on ‘Greatest Story Never Told’ and ‘Holocaust’.

If the Task Force back catalogue is anything to go by, you should buy this now because soon it’ll be pretty hard to get hold of. Every fan of UK Hip Hop needs this in their collection. Why? Because Chester P is UK Hip Hop. Buy it at Suspect Packages.

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Chester P - Survive Or Die Trying CD [Music From The Corner]

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