Chima Anya - The Doctor's Note LP [Phoenix Down]

November 2012 sees the release of ‘The Doctor’s Note‘ – the new album from UK rapper Chima Anya. Since the release of 2010’s ‘New Day‘ Chima Anya has forged a solid reputation on the UK Hip Hop scene, collaborating with the critically acclaimed rapper and jazz saxophonist Soweto Kinch and supporting American superstars such as Big Daddy Kane, Jay Electronica and Biz Markie. Contrasting with his success as a rapper, Anya has also recently qualified as a GP, having spent the last three years working and studying at St Thomas’ Hospital in Central London.

The path to Anya’s current achievements both musically and in the medical profession are fundamentally unique. Born to a Nigerian father and Romanian mother, Anya was raised in Glasgow and moved to Oxford in his early teens, where he was inspired by the city’s educational legacy and his parents’ motivational worth ethic. At the same time, his discovery of the great American hip hop artists of the late 80’s and early 90’s encouraged him to hone his artistic talent to be come one of the finest rappers in the UK.

‘The Doctor’s Note’ is an album of strong opinions, perceptive observations and social commentary. Subject matter ranges from the most personal life experiences to scenarios that almost everyone has been through at some point in their life. The album touches on human vulnerability and the fragility of life  as on Is This What Life Costs and Everybody Dies), other tracks are infused with humour and dry wit such as on Guess I’ll Never Get It Right, while tracks like Astro Thoughts provide insightful descriptions of some of the absurdities of modern life.

Beats on The Doctor’s Note, primarily composed and produced by Berlin based and gold disk certified producer Dexter (Caspar – XOXO) is infused with electronic soul, enhancing the rhythmic perfection to the ‘on-point’ rhyme patterns and adding and extra substance to Anya’s already thought provoking lyrics.

The album raises important and sometimes controversial questions and encourages listeners to think about many different aspects of human existence but it also powerfully projects Chima Anya’s own opinions and feelings on a plethora of subjects, making it an album steeped in emotion that demands to be discussed. It is this combined with the exemplary production skills of Dexter and Anya’s flawless delivery that will ensure ‘The Doctor’s Note’ is a release that will be played and talked about for many years to come.

Release date: 12th November 2012

Production Company: Reverie Productions
Dir/Edit: Shaun Des Nelson
Camera/DP: Vladimir Potop
Camera: B. Nell Osborne, Justin Harris

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