Cimer Amor - Taking Nowhere, Somewhere LP [Coalmine Records]

Taking Nowhere, Somewhere is the debut LP from the Philadelphia beat-smith Cimer Amor that is scheduled for release on June 29th through Coalmine Records. Cimer, who represents one half of the CAEN Project, has been the boardsman behind several underground, indie smash singles over the years that have charted very high through U.S. college radio hip-hop charts such as & Rap Network Record Breakers.

Cimer boasts an impressive discography that includes placements among a who’s who list of underground hip-hop icons such as Sabac Red (of Non Phixion), King Syze and Doap Nixon (of AOTP), Louis Logic, Side Effect and more. Cimer’s production talents were recently featured on the A&E televison program Philadelphia Parking Wars for his involvement on Side Effect’s single titled “Game Plan”.

On Taking Nowhere, Somewhere, Cimer takes his sound to new heights and expresses a broad diversity and fusion of soundscapes. From gritty boom-bap tracks like “You Know What It Is” featuring Sha Stimuli and King Magnetic to introspective songs like “Overtime” featuring Rockie Reyes to bouncy club records like “Chose Me” featuring the CAEN Project, Cimer delivers a producer compilation album that will put him in the rankings of producers to check for in 2010 and beyond!

This 14 track producer compilation from one of Philly's most sought after underground beat-smiths includes a roster of nearly 20 guest appearances of MCs and DJs that span from Philly to Belgium. The iTunes version also includes a digital booklet of the album liners / credits.

Cimer Amor - Taking Nowhere, Somewhere LP [Coalmine Records]

Track List:

01. Step Aside (feat. Jakk Frost, Side Effect, Baby Blak & Daniela Romeo)
02. I Hate (feat. CAEN Project and Jay Love)
03. Only The Best (feat. Rellik)
04. What It Is (feat. King Magnetic & Sha Stimuli) *click to download
05. Tremble (feat. CAEN Project & Poynt Blanc)
06. Insominia (feat. Product)
07. Beast Within (feat. Faez One)
08. Danger (feat. Enem, Baby Blak & Granz)
09. The Business (feat. Side Effect, CAEN Project, L.F. Daze and DJ Grazzhoppa)
10. Another Classic (feat. Burke, Torae, Side Effect & DJ Waxwork) *click to download
11. Grave Mistake (feat. Product & CAEN Project)
12. Overtime (feat. Rockie Reyes)
13. Col Cold World (feat. Enem and Granz)
14. Chose Me (feat. CAEN Project)

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