Confucious MC - The Highest Order LP [YNR]

The debut album from Confucius MC entitled ‘The Highest Order‘ dropped a couple of weeks back in May, exclusively on YNR, but we still needed to bring you this information. The album is a rare trans-channel Hip Hop collaboration with Parisian beat-smith Keor Meteor; who’s smoky boom-bap provides the perfect sound-scape for Con’s cerebral picture-painting. Eloquently constructed rhymes laid over a backdrop of atmospheric, cinematic production.

A heavy ‘silver screen’ influence resonates throughout the project. It’s that classic old black and white movie that you stumble upon during those late night, smoked-out channel-surfing sessions. Even the static-crackle of the TV remote flicking accompanies the changing track-list as our leading man shifts from mood to mood and idea to idea, with the random-cohesion of a David Lynch movie.

Confucious explains, “I wanted the project to be short and digestible. More of a listening experience rather than a collection of songs, something you can play from to start to finish".

If you get over to YNR asap you might still be able to grab this for free, the only cost being your email. We think its well worth it.

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