Confucius MC - Somewhere LP

Confucius MC makes a welcome return to the fore with an invitation to join him ‘Somewhere‘. Not a specific location in the physical realm, but a state of mind where your inner self can find sanctuary and solace.

The unadulterated jazz strains of the opening instrumental set the scene perfectly. Following on from the success of his previous ventures with Keor Meteor, Confucius has once again teamed up with the French producer behind his 2014 LP ‘The Highest Order‘. Keor’s jazz-heavy approach serves as the ideal foundation for the depth of Confucius’s bars, resulting in a broad exploration of the union between conscious thought and rhythmic sound.

Their creative partnership is a testament to the virtues of the modern world. The fact that the duo have yet to meet in real life has not prevented them from striking upon a musical symbiosis that some artists never manage to capture. “Believe it or not me and Keor have never met in person, but have been communicating and collaborating for over a decade now, and I consider him a brother“.

“I guess ‘Somewhere’ refers more to a state of mind than anything else. One that allows you to see beyond the reality of your situation, however dread that may or may not be at the time”

Confucius MC

The energy on the project continues in the same vein as its predecessor while also aiming to bring the listener into the same mindset that Confucius found himself in while he was working on the album. “When I was writing these rhymes I went through a sequence of really life changing events. At the time I found a lot of salvation in Peckham Rye Park, training and running most days. And when I wasn’t doing that I’d walk around listening to the beats, building the rhymes in my head“.

Confucius MC - Somewhere LP

While Confucius remains the star of the show, he is joined by a supporting cast who help to maintain the album’s mood throughout. YNR chief Jehst appears on the chemistry-charged ‘World Stage‘, crashing the party again on ‘Lanterns‘ alongside cross-generational guests Verbz and Sonnyjim. The lyrical bar remains high for the duration, with the final guest spots of the album reserved for international codebreakers Strange U and Lee Scott on the cryptic ‘Cicada 3301‘.

Yet the spotlight never strays far from our protagonist; who’s seasoned pen and effortless cadence remain key to the album’s appeal. Inspired by his local green space and the sanctuary which it provided from the burgeoning metropolis that never rests, Confucius delivers his trademark blend of proto-wisdom and philosophical insight; while also venturing into more strange and surreal areas at times.

“There’re a few spots in the park that make you feel like you could be anywhere and not slap bang in the middle of South East London. I guess I wanted to create a listening experience that would put people in a reflective space, similar to the one I was in when I was writing it. Like taking a stroll through your local park, but the Twilight Zone/Twin Peaks version, and with a few strange and unexpected interactions along the way, plus a couple of philosophical nuggets to take back home with you.”

Confucius MC

Confucious MC


Confucius MC - Somewhere LP

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