Contact Play - Champion Fraff LP [School Bully]

Look past the dopely presented CD and the well executed tracks (great production, talented MCs) and Champion Fraff is an hour's worth of schoolboy humour, tales of drunkness and unsubstantiated sex stories brought to you by a group of lads who are proud of their wasteman personas.

If Mr. Key, Dirty Dyke, Ronnie Bosh, Ed Scissor Tongue and Jamm Baxter were actually funny then their funky and technical rhyme styles, sing-along choruses and bouncy production would be put to good use. Fingers In Your Nose is a song about snot, now Dead Residents proved on Vee Kay's Bogey Homicide that that concept can be funny, but when Contact Play do it, it's just not.

Death of a Prick is proof that this crew have what it takes as they tell the story of a man wastes his life away. Now I don't know for sure but it seems that a lot of the lyrics are just a front and that if you met them, these guys would actually be quite nice – who knows though. This LP is not for me but I can think of heads who would love it.

Production comes from TwoManySteps, Adrian, Cire, Karem Fraiche, Mr. Constant, Andy Dextrous, Medison and Jimmy Wahgwan – no names that I know but each certainly knows how to build dope beats – my favourite part of the album.

Champion Fraff is out now on School Bully Records and can be bought at Suspect Packages.

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