Context MC - The Catalyst EP

I’ll start at the beginning. Clever I know. An MC’s choice of the first few seconds (or minute) on any disc has an underestimated influence on the rest of it. Nastradamus -The Prediction. It told me… Stop. Listen. This is going to be one to remember.

Nowadays you get all these American idiots yelling about what outlaws they are (Ken Swift’s right- few real ones still exist), complete with the background gun shots and screeching cars.

In this case I press eject and make sure the disc never sees the light of day again. I love hip hop; not gangster pop. English lad Context didn’t risk the whistles and the intro to his boy Chris, and Chris’ boy Jamal, and Jamal’s dog… Nope. Immediately after pressing play, the spitting begins.
Context MC - The Catalyst EPYou know what that says?

‘I can really spit. And that’s what I’m here to show you.’

Even if it was purely due to a lack of time, sound effects and crew in the studio – it works. Now, don’t completely undo all this sticking some fucking 3 minute skit in half way through about you trying to get hold of some weird. It’s been done ten times before. Nobody cares, it’s not what they’re paying to hear.
I leave fuming, to blend some fruit.
When I return I’ve missed a track and I catch another part way through that makes me spill smoothie all over my adicolors. You can’t actually stand still and listen. It’s a So Solid inspired track, yet it’s so original I can’t accuse him of biting. And here we go again. ‘I can spit. Listen’.
8 tracks on the promo disc. Half of them fully securing the claims he’s making. The rest are decent. But it’s like doing one exceptional freeze – holding that swipe for a bit longer in a bboy battle. Now you’ve proved your talent, one your best efforts will be noticed. Cos otherwise you’d be insulting your competition who knows you’re not shit – you’re just not trying.
Don’t insult your listeners. Decent just isn’t good enough.

The beats lack daring and that ‘check my talent’ thing he’s naturally got going on. Don’t get me wrong. However, he’s still got solid lyrics that don’t fluctuate or repeat like the beats. Relatable, ‘could easily live round my corner’ talk. There’s also this raas and money realism thing. Context has see both sides. Currently studying at one of Britain’s most prestigious Unis, It’s something many Mcs never even consider experiencing. You can’t blame them. But the result here is that he clearly knows what he’s talking about. He understands. And so does the listener. He’s not making assumptions, going on other people’s words.

This is important when he’s clearly trying to make a point. Spark a reaction. Hence the whole ‘catalyst’ thing. He puts real life in consumer friendly context. Which, I reckon, makes him suitably named.

By Nino

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