Copywrite - God Save The King LP [Man Bites Dog]

Expectations will always be high when an American emcee appropriates a British motif, which is highly unusual in the hip-hop world. However, Copywrite's, "God Save The Queen", lives up to regal standards as set by his perivous works with producers like J Dilla, Cool and Dre to name but a few. He seamlessly pays homage to hip-hop-heavy-weights and their key anthems like Nas's, 'Got Myself A' and Biggie's, 'Juicy', by skilfully adding his own twist.

This album features an eclectic mix of artists from both sides of the Atlantic (bearing in mind, it is the least he could do, if he is going to bite our title!). Although some collaborations were ill matched and felt a bit awkward in places and perhaps geography may be the reason behind this; but when they worked, they worked.

Tracks that stood out with highly unusual pairings, but sonic greatness were, 'Starter Hats', with Akala and Sonny Seeza of Onyx and 'Arachnaphobia', featuring Killah Priest, Lord Basis and Melanin 9; this for those who like their hip-hop esoteric and enlightening.

Content wise, it may not be his most revolutionary of works, but if its not broke why fix it? Admittedly, it is not my usual sounds, but it is definitely a creeper and many a times I was reciting lyrics when shopping! To echo the choice words of DJ Sarah Love, (who too has a brief cameo on this album), "[If you like] your hip-hop rough, rugged and raw, then this one is for you!"

By: Janine Francois


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