CRO Beats Vol. III : Road Scriptures CD [SwitchA]

CRO Beats Vol. III : Road Scriptures is the latest release from SwitchA D, one of London’s hottest producers. Exclusively produced by SwitchA D this mix-CD features 24 tracks showcasing the talents of some of Londons finest underground rappers. This compilation takes the listener on a musical journey with various melodic hypnotic yet hard hitting CRO Beats.

The reality rappers paint a vivid picture of street life in inner city London. The diverse flows, lyrics, hooks, bars and concepts compliment the distinctive SwitchA D sound. Undoubtly this release will provide a platform for success for rappers such as Defiance, Ripz, Rellik, K-Wing, J-Wing, Tiny G, Twisted Logic and Soldier. Big up Irie.
This mix-CD is definitely one to get hold of. As a producer SwitchA D has succeeded in producing a distinctive CRO sound and the reality rappers ensure that this is a true representation of the essence of hip hop music.

By: Aashish Patel

CRO Beats Vol. III : Road Scriptures CD [SwitchA]

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