Da Flyy Hooligan - Ben Kingsley

Da Flyy Hooligan is back again for 2022, with the announcement of brand new 12 track studio album ‘Ben Kingsley‘. As you may have guessed ‘Ben Kingsley‘ is an ode to the legendary actor himself.

The project is also connected with Hoolis’ classic 2016 album ‘Ray Winstone‘, but this time the conceptual art piece is based around Kingsley’s character ‘Don Logan’, a vicious, insecure gangster portrayed by the Academy Award Winning actor in the movie ‘Sexy Beast’ alongside Ray Winstone.

The new LP is full of conceptual stories interlocking unlikely subjects, seeing the protagonist get pulled in and dragged down by the gangster life.

In ‘Bar Of Soap’, DFH combines the workings of popular soap opera Eastenders, and turns it into a violent descriptive scene relating to classic UK gangster flick ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’.

In ‘My Cousin’s Keeper‘, Hooli is having a series of phone conversation with emcee Hooliyo Iglacious about a crooked police officer trying to bribe him.

Ben Kingsley also features some clear cut bangers including ‘Wu Baby III’ ft Dom Pachino of Killarmy, and ‘Pile Driver’ ft D.V. Alias Khryst.

Throughout the album, there are audio excerpts interspersed from ‘Sexy Beast’ with some classic lines from the movie, where Don Logan looses his cool trying to convince Gary ‘Gal’ Dove to join him for one last bank heist, to which Gal is not interested.

It’s a seamless effort from the Flyy Caper himself, thinking outside the box on a large scale setting production challenges for his collaborator and cousin, renowned UK producer Micall Parknsun providing a phenomenal beat selection.

Da Flyy Hooligan

Micall Parknsun

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Da Flyy Hooligan - Ben Kingsley

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