In the days of hip hop where there are too many artists and not enough fans, too much biting and not enough creativity, Dan Bull produced breath of fresh air, slick, creative, and at time soulful indie sounding Hip Hop album in ‘Safe’. (Which is mos def not your common mix!!!?)

You could be forgiven for hearing opening track ‘Prelude’ and immediately placing this in the same box as ‘The Streets’ with indie vibe.

This thought is gone from the start of the next track ‘Summer’, with smooth beats and the sounds of birds whistle and lyrics such as “drop a glass of lemonade and relax in the shade… nothing matters today you can chat and play” to the guitar solo mid track, set a tone for the album that does not fail.

Is this a Hip Hop Album? With his unique flow and lyrical format that may not cater to the masses of hip hop fans and at times the soulful vibe of the ‘Safe’. This can come accustomed to being labelled outside of the box. In the same frame of 88-keys “The Death of Adam” or Foreign Exchange “Leave all Behind”.

In truth, lack of consistently hard hitting lyrical content and hip hop production – that so many others conform to these day, is exactly what makes this (and the others) unique hip hop pieces and that could-be a big album seller. As it does not conform to the standards, thus creating commercial appeal allowing people to directly understand and relate to what the artist has produced.

There maybe not be the club banger, but arguably there is something for everyone here, even ‘Thistopia’ will have the hardcore hip hop fan attention and the likes of ‘misfit’ and ‘outbound’ smooth lyrics and production, takes the listeners on his journey.

As for the style and quality of production, mellow beats, acoustic soul with add use of a band providing elements of modern rock, are as important on this debut, as the unique rhyming and witty wordplay, is consist throughout – having you wondering where the producer has been hiding. “St Ebbs” alone display this point, seemingly anthemic rock track switch to strong sounding sharp witty fast flowing lyrical performance. Dan Bull clearly has a lot to offer, yet the closing track ‘Winter’ offers nothing from him lyrical, but instrumental creating fitting ending with his band at centre stage.

Real talk, between ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ things always tend to happen, between these two tracks Dan Bull Safe, fits into that mode, creating an album with mainstream appeal through the root, if given the air play he be able to build a house to knock the root off.

Now for the listeners to decide whether they want in.

By: Distant

Dan Bull

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