Delicious Vinyl All Stars - Rmxxology CD [Delicious Vinyl]

Go back to the future with Delicious Vinyl Rmxxology, an all-new, 15-track album featuring classic tracks by Young MC, The Pharcyde, Masta Ace, The Brand New Heavies and Fatlip re-imagined by artists including Peaches, Hot Chip and Eminem. The first two singles from the album are already popular: pioneering electro goddess Peaches' sizzling update of Tone Loc's immortal "Wild Thing" and Aaron LaCrate and Debonair Samir's gutter-bumping Baltimore blast of Young MC's "Know How".

Young MC's fast-rap rhymes are ideally suited to LaCrate & Samir's hyperactive beats. As Lacrate says, "When I was a kid growing up in Baltimore I loved Young MC. I would make mixtapes where one side would be up-tempo club jams and the other side would be golden era hip-hop. So now for me and Samir to merge them into one thing is a dream come true. It's the best of two kinds of party music". The accompanying video features an updated take on a vintage Young MC performance on that staple of late night TV that many Americans miss: The Arsenio Hall Show.

Rmxxology was born a year ago when Delicious Vinyl honcho Rick Ross met Peaches after a show. After agreeing that she would do a version of Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" they began brainstorming a dream team of artists to let loose on the Delicious Vinyl catalog. This led to the creation of The Delicious Vinyl All-Stars, a collective including prime-time players like Eminem and Diplo, as well as upstart French freakers Mr. Flash, Breakbot and Don Rimini, and L.A. new jacks Cory Nitta (Pink Enemy / Philippians) and Bobby Evans (Brother Reade). Soon each of the Delicious Vinyl All-Stars was having their way with a Delicious Vinyl classic of their choosing…

As Rick Ross puts it, "Peaches is my co-curator on Rmxxology. We reached out to people who know how to have fun exploring their influences and adding their own magic to something they love. That's the creative core of what the Rmxxology project is about: Start with these dope raw materials and reassemble them into something new and fun, revitalizing the music for a new generation of fans".

The album runs the gamut from Pink Enemy's tech-soul take on The Brand New Heavies' beloved "Never Stop" to Eminem's head-knock redux of Masta Ace "Slaughterhouse" and, the real stunner, Hot Chip's transformation of The Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By" into a sacred hymn. Rick Ross explains, "Rmxxology represents a whole variety of styles. It's all about creating alternative versions of these classics, rather than remixing them expressly for the dancefloor. After all, the original songs always brought people to the dancefloor anyway".

But don't fear, the dancefloor isn't being neglected. The third single from Rmxxology, "Bust A Move Rmxxs", finds Diplo and Don Rimini manhandling the Young MC classic into club-savvy form. Don Rimini has been lighting up the ghetto clubs of Paris since he was a teenager with sweaty-assed DJ sets combining the best of hip-hop, electro, and upstart rock'n'roll. In 2008, hot off the release of his esteemed Absolutely Rad EP, Rimini turned his attention to a project dear to his gritty French heart: make "Bust A Move" young again. With synthesizers sizzling on the front burner and four-on-the-floor beats moving your back end, Don Rimini's remix is undeniable. The pleasure of the dance is his mission… Consider this mission accomplished. The track is already #1 on Beatport and Turntablelab's digital charts, "Bust A Move Rmxxs" was released on 12" vinyl on May 22nd.

And then there's the album's lead track, Bobby Evans' "Freak-A-Zoid Robots (Rmxxology Theme)" an homage to Afrika Bambaataa and old school electro that embodies the album's past-is-present spirit.

Rmxxology will feature gold sparkle artwork that brings the classic Delicious Vinyl logo into the bling age in the same way that The Delicious Vinyl All-Stars have re-thunk the original music.

Delicious Vinyl All Stars - Rmxxology CD [Delicious Vinyl]

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