Depths Beneaf prod. Bambu Hands - Enter LP [Indie]

Bambu Hands normally puts out products through the label Northern Structure, but this brand new release from unknown UK crew Depths Beneaf is unassociated with any label. This release is entirely produced Bambu Hands. The rappers involved are a pair of brothers the oldest (Jacob) who taught (Helm) the youngest how to rap and write with a heavy focus on style and content. The album itself is a journey through hardcore rap set in a futuristic landscape with kung foo fighting and blazes of magic.

Bambu Hands works with a lot of rappers and he states that, “it’s only every so often one comes along who really stands out Helm the younger of the two is definitly a rappers rapper”. When probed further about his thoughts of Helm’s qualities, Bambu Hands continued, “[He is] someone who has the lyrics backed up with the delivery and a very focused mind he really made this album”.

Even without label backing Bambu Hands felt he had to put this guy’s music out there, as he really felt rap fans need to hear this guy and judge for themselves. This is dirty Northern Hip Hop with hard hitting raps. If I was going to be ultra critical I might comment that the production feels a touch basic and possibly requires further mixing to aleviate the thinness. The samples are tough, but there is perhaps a slight lacking of melody. Regardless of this unwarranted criticism, its still a top notch release so peep it below.

The album is already released and available on Band Camp.

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