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This is a DJ whose name I have not come across before, but apparently this is not his first mix CD as he previously had A Progression In Lazeology out. As with this CD, that one apparently has plenty of UK stuff on it, although I am led to beleive that this one is a big step up on the last.

Laze is currently based in Manchester DJ ing on the circuit and working on a few side projects which includes a hook up with a bad MC, so watch out for the fruition of that project as well.

DJ Laze - Paper Science CD
01. Intro     
02. The Nextmen – High Score     
03. Phi-Life Cypher – Cypher Funk     
04. Common Sense – Nuthin To Do     
05. PUTS – Jappy Jap     
06. Skitz – Fingerprints Of The Gods     
07. Deckwreka – Bizarre Tales     
08. Hill 16 (int)     
09. Skinnyman – Whats My Life Like?     
10. Jehst – China Shop Taurus     
11. Sundragon feat Kyza and Klashnekoff – Watching     
12. DJ Shadow – Walkie Talkie     
13. The Herbaliser feat What What – New and Improved (Wiseguys remix)  
14. Tommy Evans – Northern Hospitality     
15. Blade – Blow You Out Of The Frame     
16. Ghost feat Verb T and Asaviour – Exactly     
17. Gullivers Crimes (int)     
18. Blak Twang – So Rotton (Winning Blend)     
19. Kila Kela – Before All Of These Electronics     
20. Shivazz – Le Desert     
21. Border Crossing – Rankins Move     
22. Chester P – Wiccamans Hip Hop     
23. Usmaan feat Mr Riz and Jamak Cooke – How Can I     
24. Sixtoo – Boxcutter Emporium part 3

Right now though DJ Laze is stepping up with a quality mix which contains well selected tunes and the right blend of mixing, scratching and special blends, the only element missing is some real exclusives. Even without this DJ Laze has put together a heavy tracklist which combines a majority of top notch UK tracks, with some classic US stuff. Neither seems out of place.

Any UK fan is likely to already have the majority of these tracks, but don’t fear, the way they are blended makes for a great listen where you can sit back and not worry about selecting tunes yourself. Place the CD in the player’s tray and sit back.

The instrumental from Braintax‘s Gulliver is uniquely mixed up with Michaels Jackson’s Smooth Criminal to good effect as Tony Rotton‘s So Rotton follows. From then on in the blends are nice and there are some surprising tracks mixed into others, but the results are new and original.

The tracklist reads like a whose who and features previously released tracks from The Nextmen ft. Dynamite MC, Phi Life Cypher, Skitz ft. Skeleton, Deckwrecka, Sundragon ft. Kyza, The Herbalizer, Tommy Evans, Blade, Killa Kela, Shivazz, Border Crossing, Chester P, Usmaan ft. Mr Riz And Sixtoo.

The UK’s finest like Skinnyman, Jehst and Ghost ft. Verb T & Asaviour sit equally comfortably next to worl wide stars such as Common Sense, People Under The Stairs, and DJ Shadow etc.

The cover is a beige computer rendered stylised picture of Laze with his tapes under his arms and his tracklist in his back pocket. Not quite what you would initially expect, but it is well done by Robert Bailey Overall then, this is a great selection of tracks and a good introduction to Mr Laze, who by judging this outing has a great deal of talent and a good future ahead of him. 

  • tel: 07788 888 328

DJ Laze

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