DJ Moe Love - Digging in the Tapes, I Ain't Dead Yet LP [King of the Beats]

Moe Love from Ultramag is back with this selection of beats recorded between 1993-2015 made on the SP 12/1200. Moe’s beats contain many of the elements you would expect keeping it simple throughout, with some easily recognizable samples (Skull Snaps etc.) and whole lot of other seriously ill dusty stuff he’s chopped and looped for your listening pleasure.

Some beats on here are just pure head nodders with that pure ‘essence of the bronx’ distinctive jazzy / funky / soul scratchyness, while others have a Wu Tangish flavour to them or are blunted and moody. Overall, another collectors piece and a dusty nostalgia trip down memory lane of which apparently there will be a series to look forward to. Final remark, the wax is a bizarre and unusual orange colour and has thunderous bass – buy it!!

By: Esh | IBMCs

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